Hello, I’m Rosemary, and was always interested in birds and other wildlife but didn’t become a “birder” until buying a house and having bird feeders in my backyard. Wanting to know more about the birds I found an article
for a bird walk and signed up. I was amazed at the beautiful birds, met great people, and have been hooked on birdwatching since that day.

I am still learning about the beautiful world of birds. I am a member of the Eastern Long Island Audubon
Society (ELIAS), the New York State Ornithological Association (NYSOA), and the Connecticut Audubon. I
lead Duck Walks for ELIAS at a group of lakes in Long Island and co-lead some other walks
throughout the year. I am also a Waterfowl Census taker for New York State.

I recently got involved with the Connecticut Audubon’s ECO-Travel branch at Montauk Point, NY which led me to my new adventure of travel birding. I enjoy seeing the US and searching for new and different birds. I have met wonderful people who have shared their knowledge and love of birds and birding. I have made a solid core of friends and have been mentored by some fantastic birders. You are never too old (or too young!) to start a new journey.
Get out and see the amazing birds around you.

I’m Kathy and although I’m not an avid birder I have a love of travel and wildlife in the United States which includes birds. I’m fascinated with the differences in birds between the east and west coasts and which birds can you see in the north vs, the south. Traveling has made it possible to discover life birds (the first time you see a type of bird) such as the magpie which I recently saw in Montana and a pileated woodpecker which I saw in Isle Royale National Park.

Together, Rosemary and Kathy (by the way we are sisters) would like to show you the world of Birdwatching and help you discover your lifetime birds.